A bisexual male monologue

As a bisexual, I often find people confused about what bisexuality really is, which naturally leads to all kinds of questions. In my experience, this confusion is understandable, but many of the questions raised out of curiosity are wildly inappropriate in time, place and manner.

In this case, I'm reluctant to engage in conversation. That doesn't mean that I'm reluctant to engage in these discussions and ultimately answer these questions, but that I, like others, want to feel comfortable in the context of discussing them.

During Bi visibility month, I wanted to make some of these issues public to help understand the source of the confusion and do my best to alleviate some of the confusion.

So, I asked people to ask me their questions. I received these questions through social media; Please understand that these answers are my own and only reflect my experience and opinions as a bi person. I encourage other bi people to share their own answers!

Where do you feel most comfor…

What would you do if you were bisexual?

Bisexuals seem to run into strange things all the time, but it just proves that this is a special and interesting group!
As a bisexual woman, getting society to take our identity seriously is a challenge. In a world where women's relationships are constantly sexualized by the media, we face the same reaction almost every day. You must be doing this to get attention, to get men interested, or just sexually interested in women, not romantic.

In the mass media, the relationship between women is overwhelmingly gendered. This is especially true in the film, where the two women play opposite each other in scenes that have neither logic nor reality. The scenes have a voyeuristic sense that we're looking at it from the perspective of a 14-year-old straight man. The success of these two women is not for their own pleasure, but for the joy of the audience.

I'm not saying that every time two women have sex on screen it has to be profound and meaningful, but these scenes tend to be tw…

What makes you a good match for single female seeking couples?

Single female seeking for couples is one of the most sorts after and thrilling experiences in the adult dating scene nowadays.If you're a couple looking for a third person to explore the joys of a threesome, here are some things they can do to treat the third person well and make sure they're having fun.Don't be in such a rush to get started, and don't pressure the other person!This would be a very bad idea if you had a strict idea and approach to the threesome! This puts pressure on everyone, especially the third party, who may feel less able to negotiate than you and your spouse. Take a moment to understand the ways that all three of you agree on, the bottom line or the preferred way to communicate! Maintain communication between three people!If you can't be sure to agree with something 100%, ask! Especially for women looking for a couple. Don't spoil the atmosphere. A good memory may be ruined by transcending the boundaries of others, but it is absolutely imp…


The largest national survey in the United Kingdom ever to assess the needs of bisexuals was released Tuesday (May 26, 2015). The survey revealed that up to 38 percent of the people who identified as bisexual have experienced some sort of sexual harassment.

The Equality Network of the UK released the “Complicated?” report. In it, the researchers also noted that nearly half of the respondents (48 percent) experienced some kind of biphobic comments first-hand while accessing services. Most of the biphobia occurred when dealing with BLGT services and also with health services.

One-third of the respondents said that they do not feel comfortable in telling their doctors that they are bisexual.

In the widespread survey, 515 bisexuals in the UK were interviewed.

This first bisexual survey of its kind in the UK found “clear evidence of biphobic discrimination,” said Tim Hopkins, director of the Equality Network. He added that for many bisexuals the report “simply reflects the realities they ha…

3 Reasons to Be Discreet about Your Threesomes

Whether you’re in a polyamorous partnership or someone who’s single and enjoys group-sex encounters, there are many reasons to keep your threesomes discreet.
Find Local Threesome Hookups If you have a long-standing threesome arrangement, kudos to you, but most of us enjoy spontaneous threeways with acquaintances and friends, or hookups with couples and singles we meet on dating sites that cater to the poly crowd and sexually adventurous. Having sex with people you meet online is fairly normal in the hookup culture we live in, but there are lots of unknowns that can make things tricky before, during, and after. Practicing discretion is your best bet when it comes to threesome sex. 3 Reasons to be Discreet 1. Protect Yourself You might be tempted to brag about your sexual escapades in the locker room or at a party, but you never know who might be listening. Do you really want your ex-wife to hear about your adventures from a co-worker, or maybe your kid’s teacher…


Many bisexuals try to find a threesome, but it's often a very difficult activity. The easiest way is to check in on each other's social circles. Many ask their friends to join a threesome together, a thought for those worried about bringing someone they don't know into sex. But getting friends involved is risky, and if one of them doesn't take it, the arrangement can lead to problems.
Colleges and universities A young couple looking for women who live at or near the university can put up ads on campus. This is a good way to find a threesome with young people. It is important to provide re-supplied E-mail addresses for all queries. This information should be posted on the bulletin board. Most students see it. Importantly, the way the AD is constructed doesn't make people read it. It's also important to make sure that ads are posted in places where you can get a lot of traffic and who writes the ads. Elaborate as much as possible on the experience both parties a…

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