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Founded in silicon valley, the world's safest and most convenient bisexual dating site with over 17 years of dating business!

Hello, you are welcome to click in to browse my blog, the article may take you 3 minutes, please read it patiently! Good! Stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point! In 2001, our company was founded in silicon valley, an innovative city in the United States. We started the bisexuality dating website with the concept of "customer first" and "bisexuality Cupid". Ok, now I would like to introduce our company in detail.
Bicupid For Threesome Finder is one of the best bisexual dating sitesaround the world. There are many reasons for that. So far it has been built for fifteen years, and more than 1.2 million members on the dating website and serviced for over 2 million bisexual, bi-curious and others who are eager to look for a threesome dating. Bicupid is not only a bisexual dating site, but also a threesome dating site. As we can know, bisexual are attractive to women, also men and more bi couples. Members can find bisexual singles as well a…

My FFM Threesome had such an embarrassing moment!

Real Threesome Dating Near You That’s my modus operandi every time we meet, so I had to take my fantasy and creativity to a whole new level to come up with something earth shattering… and that’s exactly what I did. Amir and I enjoy FFM threesomes—that’s our thing. We’ve had some pretty horny adventures and a lot of fun. He’s talked different role-play games and kinky experiments he wants to try, but the only time he ever mentioned transgender women was to say that a new doctor at his work (he’s an x-ray technician) is a “hot transexual.” I don’t thin k he has a particular thing for T-girls. He loves all kinds of women, and this comment showed me he was open minded and could appreciate transgender beauty. Since I’ve really enjoyed being with a few transgender women, I decided to set up a hot threeway for him—with an incredible TS I’ve always wanted to date. Kat always said she’s straight and hooks up with men, so we never got together. When I suggested we add a man to the mix, she was t…

A highly effective bisexual dating site you don't know about!

Much has been spoken about bisexuality, but there are some simple facts and truths about bisexuality which many people are still unaware of. Well, this post broadens your knowledge about bisexuals by presenting seven facts and truths that you might not know about them.

1. There are more bisexuals than lesbians and gays
Oh, and you thought bisexuality is not the real thing! Well, you couldn’t have been more wrong. Bisexuality is very much a real thing and there are more self-proclaimed bisexuals than lesbians and gays. This is exactly what a national survey done by The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2011 revealed. Nearly 3% of respondents declared themselves as bisexual, compared to only 2.5 % who called themselves gay or lesbian. This, by the way, is not the only study to point that bisexuals outnumber lesbians and gays. Other studies in the past had declared the same thing. 2. Bisexuality is more common in younger people than in older people This actually is hardly surprising. Young peo…