Founded in silicon valley, the world's safest and most convenient bisexual dating site with over 17 years of dating business!

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Good! Stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point! In 2001, our company was founded in silicon valley, an innovative city in the United States. We started the bisexuality dating website with the concept of "customer first" and "bisexuality Cupid".
Ok, now I would like to introduce our company in detail.

Bicupid For Threesome Finder is one of the best bisexual dating sites around the world. There are many reasons for that. So far it has been built for fifteen years, and more than 1.2 million members on the dating website and serviced for over 2 million bisexual, bi-curious and others who are eager to look for a threesome dating. Bicupid is not only a bisexual dating site, but also a threesome dating site. As we can know, bisexual are attractive to women, also men and more bi couples. Members can find bisexual singles as well as bisexual couples who are open minded and willing to chat and even try to explore threesome dating offline. If you are ready to find a threesome with open minded, Bicupid is the first choice on lots of threesome dating sites.


  • Standard Member : Free to basic functions ( more details refer to standard and gold members ) .

    Gold Membership

    1 Month : $ 29.95 ( less $ 1.0 / day).

    3 Months : $ 59.95 ( less $ 0.7 / day . Per month costs only $20 and 3 months save $29.9 on normal price of $ 89.85).

    6 Months : $ 95.95 ( only $ 0.6 / day. Per month costs only $16 and 3 months save $ 83.75 on normal price of $ 179.7).

    A variety of payment methods to be gold membership : PayPal check , Visa check cards , MasterCard check cards , money order , American express , Visa , and MasterCard.
  • Ok, let me read the cost details!
Before everything else, let’s start with just how much this date-finding site should cost you. Signing-up is free, like most other dating sites nowadays. You can access the mobile-ready site at so you don’t have to worry about being pinned down in front of your computer while starting with your profile. With a free Bicupid membership, you can create your profile and upload up to 26 photos. You can reply to an interested party if they send you a message or an email. You can also use the search engine to find potential perfect matches depending on a few basic bits of personal information.
Now, let’s discuss the paid membership. On top of all the features of the free membership, paid membership (or Gold Membership, as likes to call it) lets date searchers use a variety of features and functionality to make the date search as easy and as effective as possible. As a Gold user, you can:
  • a) Send emails and private messages to people you’d like to find out more about.
  • b) Use a modernized search engine that lets you narrow down your options further than just gender, age range and location.
  • c) Hide your profile views so you won’t be embarrassed by your searches (probably).
  • d) See members who have most recently logged in or, in other words, the people who are most likely still online and most likely to respond!
  • e) See members who have most recently signed up.
  • f) See members who have viewed your profile.
  • g) Increase your chances of being a success in the dating scene with member-exclusive dating tips and tricks.

The monthly cost can range from $15.95 to $29.95, depending on the membership plan. As usual, signing up for a longer membership will be cheaper. Access to membership features for 1 month is $29.95, 3 months is $59.95 and 6 months is $95.95. Auto-renewal of membership plans can be turned off during application.
The above is the basic situation of the company and the possible expenses (registration is free, the specific costs vary from person to person).
If you want to join us, please click the link below for free


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