Are you okay with being bisexual?

From what I’ve seen, most people who wrote answers to this question aren’t totally okay with their sexuality, and I hurt for them.
I’m not just okay with being bi, I love it.
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I love mentioning to my friends that I have a crush; listening to them try to guess the crush’s gender always makes me smile. I love telling women how pretty they are without them realizing that I’m being flirty. I love the bisexual pride flag.
I even love the fact that I’ve been bullied due to my sexuality, because the way I see it, the bullies were trying to take my pride for a senseless reason. What do homophobes think they’ll accomplish, anyway, converting me into a straight girl? I’m not saying their words didn’t hurt — I was called every homophobic slur in the book for several months — but knowing that they’re ignorant and pitiful enough to care about something that doesn’t affect them consoles me.
I love educating people who don’t understand bisexuality, but are willing to learn, like my friend Jackie*. I love meeting other bi people and sharing our experiences. I love being able to talk about hot guys with my mom and hot women with my dad (we mostly talk about starlets like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor). I love the fact that even when my feelings “swing” more toward one gender, I don’t have to question myself because my sexuality is naturally fluid.
Despite what you might think, I don’t mention being bi very much, unless someone gets confused when I say I’m interested in a girl. I’m sure I’ve said this on Quora before, but I am so glad I grew up with LGBT+-allied parents and that my first crush ever was a girl.
Finally, I would like to say, please treat the bisexual group rationally and don't give them strange eyes!


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