If you were gay or lesbian, would you mind if your lover was bisexual?

I am lesbian, and I have dated bisexual women. Here’s my experience:
Bre is what I will call her. She was one of my first girl crushes. She was exceptionally beautiful with dark brown hair and these really nice blue eyes. (I actually have an extreme natural attraction to this combination of features, I realized.) I met her because she knew one of my best guy friends, and we would chat a lot.We met on a bisexual dating site www. bidatinglover.com
Now at the time I had not yet realized I was gay. In fact, although I had noticed that I was staring a lot at females, it was something I was shutting off in the back of my mind. But she changed it all. Many of the girls I was interested in had been straight assumingly, but she, she was a proud bisexual.
I was an alien to being subject to the presence of another female who shared an attraction to females. And although at the time I was unsure I would ever be romantically interested in a female, I quickly realized that wasn’t the case. Words can not explain how easily she opened my mind to the idea that it was okay to have this attraction and I was falling fast. We dated for quite some time, that is until she left me. She left because she had grown a crush on not only me, but two guys. She choose one of the guys.
The next bisexual I have dated probably wasn’t my best call to action. I felt like a rebound, and soon enough she got back with the man she was once with. Another girl I saw who was bisexual left me once her best guy friend confessed to her. It seemed they were all really into men. My most recent girlfriend, now my ex, recently dumped me and realized she was straight and not bisexual.
Now, you would think that after these experiences that I would bash bisexual women. That I would steer clear of them. However, that is wrong. I don’t hold anything against them. I can’t just assume that all bisexual women will treat me the same. I can’t just assume at all, because not one person is the same. In fact, I know that these girls just likely realized I wasn’t what they needed, and that’s fine. And I will never forget the love they’ve shown me and the girl who made me realize that I was indeed a lesbian.
In fact, to this day I am yet to date a lesbian. I have only dated bisexual women. Like all past relationships and early on in the dating scene, there are bound to be problems like the ones I experienced with these women. It would be stupid for me to say that because they were all bisexual that all bisexuals deserve to be blamed. I feel deeply in my heart that there is a girl waiting for me out there. If that girl happens to be bisexual, then so be it. I will not let my past experiences with bisexuals, although somewhat negative, define them all. All relationships, whether it be two straight people, a bisexual and a lesbian, etc., face issues, and it would be silly to categorize a single experience with a whole group.


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