3 Reasons to Be Discreet about Your Threesomes

Whether you’re in a polyamorous partnership or someone who’s single and enjoys group-sex encounters, there are many reasons to keep your threesomes discreet.

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If you have a long-standing threesome arrangement, kudos to you, but most of us enjoy spontaneous threeways with acquaintances and friends, or hookups with couples and singles we meet on dating sites that cater to the poly crowd and sexually adventurous.
Having sex with people you meet online is fairly normal in the hookup culture we live in, but there are lots of unknowns that can make things tricky before, during, and after. Practicing discretion is your best bet when it comes to threesome sex.
3 Reasons to be Discreet
1. Protect Yourself
You might be tempted to brag about your sexual escapades in the locker room or at a party, but you never know who might be listening. Do you really want your ex-wife to hear about your adventures from a co-worker, or maybe your kid’s teacher? There’s a lot of people who judge others negatively by their sexual conduct, making your life unpleasant as a result.
2. Respect Others
Hooking up with strangers online is awesome, but often we don’t know much about these people past their dating profiles. When the clothes come off and things heat up, much about ourselves and others is revealed. It’s just common courtesy to keep a lover’s sexual kinks and practices in confidence. Do you really want someone talking about your diaper fetish or dark dom side to anyone?
3. Preserve Your Dating Reputation

A solid dating rep is important if you love casual encounters and playing in the polyamory communitywww.bidatinglover.com, or if you live in a small town where the dating pool is even smaller. As part of a couple who loves threesomes, you can talk to each other and relive those moments together. As a freewheeling single, keep your experiences close to the vest or share with a best buddy you can trust.
A threesome can be hard enough to find, so you don’t want to jeopardize the possibility of finding another or engaging in repeat encounters when you land the perfect third or a awesome couple.


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